Moulding dreams into reality.



Ever notice that no matter how you plan a party, people gravitate to the kitchen? That’s because this is the room where families create memories, people tell great stories while gathered around the island and the most amazing parties unfold nearest to the food! A kitchen is the heart and soul of a home, we can make it the most beautiful also! Refacing your cabinets or a complete upgrade with the most exquisite granite countertop and a warm, inviting paint colour…the options are endless!


The bathroom may very well be the smallest room in your house but considering the how often people might use it, this room is probably the most popular! The look and feel of your bathroom is very important in how your home makes you feel. From a surface upgrade to a full remodel, one small room can be redesigned in many different ways to efficiently use the space available. We can help make your bathroom a place the family members will fight over even more than they do now!

Whole Home Renovations

Whole-home renovations are one of CCR’s greatest strengths. At CCR, we take your tired, old house and recreate a dream home! Whether the structure needs some attention, you want an extension for your growing family, or you are ready for that fantastic space to entertain family and friends, CCR has years of experience in transforming your family home into everything you dreamed of. Call us to discuss the options – country contemporary or modern contemporary? Ultra sleek or calm and comfortable? Your ideas can quickly become a reality through one visit and a conversation.


Often times, people find themselves having a conversation about what to do because they’ve outgrown their home – do you sell or put an addition on your house? An addition can offer you the best of both worlds. You can save money on the cost of moving and have the extra space you need to truly enjoy your space. Whether it’s a larger kitchen or family room an addition by CCR will help you fall in love with your home all over again.


Curb-appeal is one of the most significant aspects of your home. An upgrade to the exterior of your house will make your neighbours thank you -after all, it helps the whole neighbourhood. The exterior upgrades to your home can include new siding, dormers, new posts for your porch or a new deck. Imagine the feeling of pulling up to your home each day after work and feeling extremely proud of how your home looks from the road.


Are the kids getting too big for your home? Are you outgrowing your house before you thought you would? A finished basement can be like an addition without the cost. Having the additional space in your basement for living, storage or somewhere for Grandma to move in will give you the space that you need without saying goodbye to your neighbours!