Our approach to every renovation project begins with a holistic review of your space, and an evaluation of how we can improve its function for you and your family. With CCR Build + Remodel’s proprietary “Remodel Road Map”, we seek to take the confusion and frustration out of your home renovation project.

Our process spells out exactly what you can expect on your renovation journey – from consultation to completion. No surprises, no confusion. We make your home renovation project simple.

Phase 1: Consult

The first step of our Remodel Roadmap process is the Consultation Phase. Our project coordinator will review your project with you to ensure we are the right fit. From there, we book an in-home consultation with one of our remodeling consultants and start our journey together!

Phase 2: Concept Development

So, we've seen your space and we're pretty confident we can help. The next stage of our Remodel Road Map is Concept Development. Our team of award-winning designers creates a vision for your space that incorporates your unique taste, and factors in how the room needs to function for you. This process is collaborative, and we won't settle until we have the perfect plan.

Phase 3: Fine Design + Planning

We have a budget that works and a beautifully-designed plan for your space. Now what?
Now for the details! On this stretch of the Remodel Road Map, we will team you up with an interior designer to lock down finishes while we polish the plans to be ready for permits and approvals as required. We finalize pricing based on your final decisions and plan for construction!

Phase 4: Construction

Now we're rocking. Onto the Construction stage! In this exciting stage of the Remodel Road Map, we will begin with office and site meetings to prep you and our team. From there, we get into action to complete your project. We are always available for review, and there will be regular meetings as required to keep you up-to-date as we progress towards the finish line!

Phase 5: Project Completion

Woohoo! We made it. Congratulations on your vibrant new space! In the final stage of our Remodel Road Map, we execute a final walk-through to ensure that every detail of your new space is attended to. Then, we politely excuse ourselves so that you can start enjoying your new home!

There you have it. Our “Remodel Roadmap” process. We’ve taken thousands of happy homeowners through this process in our 30-year company history. Iterating and perfecting along the way, we now have a process to make your renovation project as efficient as possible. Let us “Create Home” for you, send us a message today!